Aakash II, the successor of Aakash I is soon expected to hit the Indian market soon. Unsurprisingly, Datawind will be manufacturing and supplying this tablet too. As I have mentioned Aakash II will the successor of Aakash I so it’s quite obvious that this tablet will have fairly better features than its predecessor. Aakash II is having 700MHz cortex A8 processor with the battery power of 3200mAh to keep it working for 3hours. The run time of Aakash II is surely very poor but it’s still better than the Aakash I. Aakash II is available for pre-orders from the official Aakash tablet website. The pre-order price is Rs.2,999 but for students it will be Rs.1,250. Aakash II is having Wi-Fi and GPS too. 

Aakash II will have Android v2.3(Gingerbread) which is the only good thing I liked about it. Aakash II is also being dubbed as UbiSlate7+. Government and Datawind were unable to supply the adequate amount of tablets previously too. The demand was of 100,000 tablets, but Datawind was able to supply only 30,000 units. You can pre-order it now but I prefer you to take a look at its alternatives from BSNL etc.
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