Samsung Galaxy S 3 is one of the most buzzed phones of the year followed by iPhone 5. Lots of rumors have been spread on the web regarding the release date and images of this phone. Samsung Galaxy S 3’s latest image has been released on the web and as always we are not confirmed whether it’s an officially released image or someone has once again tried to come up with his/her own design using photoshop. But keeping in mind the other images released so far, this image seems to be the most legit one. 

Samsung Galaxy S 3’s thing image has the logo of Weber Shandwick. This company has been acting as Samsung’s right hand from quite a long time. Samsung Galaxy S 3 in this image has 5 icons at the bottom, and only Note, till now, has got 5 icons at the bottom. So there are chances that Samsung Galaxy S 3 will keep up this trending style of 5 icons at the bottom. All the phones released before Galaxy Note used to have less than 5 icons. Note was embedded with thee 5 icons perhaps because of its large size so Samsung Galaxy S 3 too is expected to have a size of more than 5+inch.
Till now, no official confirmation has been given from Samsung’s side that this is the legit picture so we can’t say anything as it would be too early.
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