Samsung Galaxy Note is one of the most popular phones in the current phone market, the possible reason why it’s so much popular is its huge screen size of 5.3inch with the awesome pixel density of 285ppi. The reason may be any but the outcome is that Samsung Galaxy Note is in too much demand, especially among youth. The by default OS of Samsung Galaxy Note is Android v2.3.5(Gingerbread) and is expected to soon get the ICS update but who knows whether it will ever come or not because there’s isn’t any official confirmation from the company on this very topic. So, if you are worried thinking if you would ever be able to use the Ice-Cream Sandwich OS then let me tell you that, yes you can! Team Rocket has brought to you the Custom Android v4.0.3 ROM. But before performing the tutorial, make sure you carefully read the “NOTE”, “DISCLAIMER” and “THINGS REQUIRED” column. 

NOTE : Installing a custom ROM on your phone is a very sensitive process. If you will perform even a single wrong step, you may even brick off your phone so read every line carefully. This custom ROM version is meant only for the i9220z cip1 version of Galaxy Note, also sometimes dubbed as “Chinese version of Note”. So if your device isn’t of this version, then please do not perform this process. As soon as the custom ROM is flashed on your phone, your warranty will end. 

BUGS : Till now we have not heard a lot of complaints about this custom ROM of ICS v4.0.3 but still if you find any kind of bugs, do report us. 

DISCLAIMER : If anything happens to your phone, our blog won’t be responsible for the damage done.

The i9220z cip1 version of Samsung Galaxy Note.
Your device should be rooted.
Fully charge your phone; this process consumes at least 70% of remaining battery.
Backup everything like call logs, contacts, SMS messages, songs, photos, videos etc because everything will get deleted after this process.
Your device’s drivers should be installed on your computer.
CWM should be installed on your device. 

Step 1 – Download the custom ROM for your phone from the official team rocket page.
Step 2 – Now copy the ZIP to your phone.
Step 3 – Now switch off the phone, and start it in the ClockWorkRecovery Mode by pressing and holding the Vol+ Home and power together.
Step 4 – Now tap the option “Apply update from SD Card” and then select the “Choose update from SD Card” option.
Step 5 –Now browse to the ZIP you copied and let the installation complete itself.
Step 6 – When the process is completed just go back and select the Factory/reset” & “Clear Cache” option to complete the installation of custom ROM.
Step 7 – Now just reboot your phone and you will see Android v4.0.3 (ICS) running live on your phone.
Author’s Bio: Arjun is an energetic blogger who writes on Technology Blog about Android News and Gadget Reviews.
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  1. Naser @ Tech Blog // March 18, 2012 at 10:11 AM  

    Samsung Galaxy Note is really popular, but is not pocket friendly. I would prefer Galaxy s2. THanks for sharing the tutorial.

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