Samsung seems to be on fire after the MWC. It has launched quite a lot of phones like Galaxy Player, Samsung Galaxy Pocket and others. Samsung Galaxy Pocket is the phone whose specifications we are going to discuss here. Samsung Galaxy Pocket is an amazing small and handy phone with some really powerful features. Samsung Galaxy Pocket seems to be priced in the same price group in which other Samsung phones like Samsung Galaxy Y and others are priced. Samsung Galaxy Pocket though has got small screen size but its features are killing, keep on reading to know more about them. 

Operating System
Surprisingly this small yet powerful has got Android v2.3 (Gingerbread) OS. Android OS are the most used OS last year after being embedded in almost all the great phones. Samsung Galaxy Pocket’s operating system is youth centric and we are expecting the youth to buy it more. Android v2.3(Gingerbread) supports a large number of applications which can be downloaded from the Android marketplace. 

Processor of Samsung Galaxy Pocket is somewhat similar to that of Samsung Galaxy Y. Samsung Galaxy Pocket is having a 832MHz processor while Samsung Galaxy Y is having a 830MHz processor. There’s negligible difference between these two processors. The proximity sensor which was available in Galaxy Y isn’t available in this phone. 

Memory of Samsung Galaxy Pocket is far better than other phones in the same price group. Samsung Galaxy Pocket is having 3GB internal memory expandable up to 32GB via microSD card. On the other hand Samsung Galaxy Y is having merely 180MB internal memory and 290MB RAM. Expandable memory though is same in both the phones but there’s a big difference between the internal memories which facilitates basic storage. 

Camera Quality
Camera quality of both Samsung Galaxy Pocket and Samsung Galaxy Y is same. Both of them are having a 2MP primary camera with QVGA video support with 15fps speed and no secondary camera. The camera quality of Samsung Galaxy Pocket was expected to be better than the Galaxy Y, we expect at least 3.2MP primary camera.
Price of Samsung Galaxy Pocket is yet to be announced but we are expecting it to be priced somewhere near Rs.5,000 to Rs.6,000. This price group for Samsung Galaxy Pocket is idea because it doesn’t have too many impressive features that could have landed it up in another category of phones. 

Other Features
Screen - 2.8 inches with 143ppi pixel density
Multitouch – Yes
Dimensions - 103.7 x 57.5 x 12 mm
Weight – 97grams
3.5mm Jack – Yes
GPRS – Yes
EDGE – Yes
Wifi – Yes
Hotspot – Yes
Bluetooth – Yes, v3.0
USB – Yes, microUSB v2.0
Battery - Standard battery - Li-Ion 1200 mAh (Same used in Galaxy Y)
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