How Is Emailing Getting Easy Through Android?

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Technology is evolving every single day. Now there are multifarious mobile phones and computer applications which are being invented with each passing day. Now you can download various software on your phone, computers and on different devices that you use. Android is one such software developed by Google and is gaining momentum day by day. This is a very important mobile operating system and is based on the application of Linux.


Initially this software was developed by Android. Inc and later on it was generated by the OHA or the Open Handset Alliance. In the present scenario, Android is competing with other mobile platforms like Nokia, Samsung, Apple, Microsoft, Palm and many more. It is an open mobile platform source based on the Linux operating system.

An important consideration

Android has a massive scale of developers that have extended the functionality of the various devices used. Presently there are more than 70000 applications that are available for Android software. Extensive research work has shown that around 100000 applications have been submitted. The research proves this operating system to be the second best mobile development software. Most of the developers write the codes in Java language and control it by the Java libraries developed by Google.

Android- powerful and innovative

Android is a powerful developing email or mobile platform and the world of communication is becoming much easy and comfortable by the usage of its applications.

Important mobile mash ups and applications of Android

Android applications have made the world of internet very popular. Google maps is a very good application which facilitate in incorporating maps, satellite imageries, and many traffic updates using the mechanism of Java script on the web page of your computer. With the help of Android software you can enjoy these on your mobile phones. The android software helps to create further new applications and you can run them on your handset.

Air Droid

This is another useful application of Android. This application helps you in adding files, documents and important media and also helps you connect to your friends by letting you type messages from your desktop. You can easily check the storage capacity and see how much space is left with you so that you can eliminate the unnecessary data.

Drop Snap

Another important Android application is Drop Snap. This technology helps you to transfer photographs in bulk to your email account. You need not search for the data manually and can save videos and still images to your account.

Now with the help of SMTP server you can send emails in bulk and get connected to your near and dear ones very comfortably.

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