In any business, customer service is always a top concern. It can become a slight hassle, especially when the customers are unable to affordably reach the business; such as with long distance charges. It is important that a business offers its customers as many methods as possible to reach the business, so that all of the customers are able to have their questions or problems quickly and easily solved, or answered. With non-geographic numbers, you can offer your customers an easy and cheap method of contact, especially with toll free numbers. It is also highly beneficial for your business, simply because these numbers are low cost. Non-geographic numbers also encourage the customers to contact the business, as these numbers are widely trusted throughout the region.


Gaining a business number is generally an easy process, with the most difficult obstacle being to choose a provider that offers wonderful service, great up time, and all features that you may require or desire. While shopping for a provider, it is crucial to ensure that they have good customer feedback, so that you can anticipate a pleasurable experience with them. These business numbers are generally set up very quickly. You can usually have your number active within fourty eight hours or less, with most taking under twenty four hours to activate.

If your business is small, or you are not anticipating very many callers soon after you launch your business number, many of the number providers will offer minute packages. This allows you to pay only for minutes you will use. Many also offer simple pay as you go plans, where you pay by the minute. Usually, you can upgrade your minutes package at any time.

The Different Features of Business Numbers: From 0844 to 0871

There is a wide array of business numbers available, each to suit a different purpose or business type. By doing your research on the different types of business numbers, you will be able to pick a perfect match for your business.

For low rate number options, 0845 and 0844 numbers provide a low cost solution for your customers, while giving your business a trustworthy and professional branding. This display will encourage customers to reach out and voice their opinions, feedback, and concerns.

0871 numbers are generally suited for technical support hotlines, and are similar to the numbers above. They provide an affordable alternative to expensive long distance fees for inbound callers, while also still supporting a professional image. If you are offering technical support for devices or electronics, or other tech related services, this business number type would be suitable for your business.

All businesses should look into the possibility of a business number, simply because they are always helpful to both parties (the business and the customers). Even small businesses are great candidates for business numbers, especially with the professional and “bloated” image that a business number can lend a smaller business. Customers trust these business numbers, making them a beneficial expense in any case.

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