File storage is very important for every business, and even family households. With a good provider, you can upload your files to a stable and secure network of host servers that will hold on to your documents until you need them. This can protect you from numerous disasters, from theft, to computer failure. There are a wide variety of reasons as to why one would use file storage; but you should be prepared to compare potential providers to ensure that they are the perfect service for you.
Here, we suggest taking it one step further, and contacting the providers to ask important questions. This can help to clear up hazy details within their services page.

Do You Offer Trial Periods?

Nearly every successful and reliable cloud storage provider for e.g. Egnyte will offer its potential customers a trial run, so that they may check out their products, services, and features before committing to buy. They are well aware that if a customer is interested enough to take their trial offer, they will probably continue service if satisfied.

Can I Contact Past Customers For Testimonials?

Again, successful and reliable companies would be willing to do this, should they have customers who opted for being a reference. If you are able to contact previous or current customers for testimonials, you can get a good idea of the service from the customer’s view. You should be sure that they are not paid spokespeople for the company, however.

What Is the Physical Location Of Your Company’s Data Center?

Since every storage provider has a physical data center (where all data and customer documents are stored in servers), you should find out exactly where it is located. In the event of a natural disaster, you want the data center to be located a good decent from your home or business. A decent distance would be at least 100 miles. Since most natural disasters do not reach that far, you know that your data would be safe in such a tragic event.

What Happens To My Data Should You Go Out Of Business?

Many individuals who are in the market for a decent storage provider fail to think about this scenario. Businesses could close shop at any time, for a variety of reasons. Therefore, it is important for you to check with them on their policies regarding such an event. Find out how and if you will get your files back from the provider just in case this should ever occur.

What Security Is Available For My Files and The Servers They Are Stored In?

The security of your files is absolutely crucial- especially if they are sensitive files. Find out what kind of encryption they offer for files, the type of firewalls used, other protection methods against intruders, and the physical security. Are the servers raised in case of flooding? Are there security personnel on site?

What Fees Could I Be Faced With?

You should be aware of any potential hidden fees. For example, will the provider charge you extra should you exceed your storage limits? Will you be charged extra should you need to make changes to your plan to keep your storage needs satisfied?
There are many questions to be asked when searching for an appropriate provider, but it is up to you to find the answers. Otherwise, you may encounter potential problems in the future with your service provider.
This guest post is written by San Rafael who writes for Egnyte. Egnyte offers services like file sharing, cloud storage and online storage.
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