Top 10 Most Entertaining Online Multiplayer Games

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If you love online gaming, and that too some multiplayer gaming, then here is the list of ultimate online multiplayer games. Moreover, if you love some high action shooting games to have a rush of adrenaline in your veins, then you will simply love a few of the games from the list below.
The list here complied contains all those games which are in recent talks among the gamers from all around the world. Some of these games are even available on 3D platform, which will make your gaming experience more beautiful. Now you may be highly excited to know the games that the gamers around you are playing!
Just check out the list below and have some heart thumping gaming experience.
Fly around in your mount and collect those armors and weapons, meet the guidelines provided and stop your Horde or Alliance from picking up those little guys. Participate in those special events and complete level 80. After that you can redo every level over the Heroic mode.
Blow up your enemy soldiers, gain higher ranks with higher number of kills, and unlock some superb weapons when you complete each level. Equip yourself with some superb snipes and pick your enemies from a distant where they can’t even see you. But watch out for those coming from your back, as they love to stab you.
This game as popular as the movies are. With those various options to choose from, choose the bets that suits your character and join your own group of players. You have the choice of bringing down chaos over the planet or to end the anarchy and bring on peace by helping your own kind.
It is a sandbox type MMORPG style of game, which involves joining a team of players over a single server at any point of time. Join them and build your own ships, mine enemy forces, fight them, train in various skills and create corporations and have your own place in the universe, where your corporation will rule.
Developed by Sony, this game is enthralling for those who love action packed gaming. It offers to you a world of dragons, knights and swordplay. Choose your race and create your personalized character. Make your character as a merchant, crafter or adventurer.
This game has the feature to make you feel that it never going top end at al. It has the fame of having the best graphics available over the gaming market, till a few years back. Get involved with any of those guilds and have instant friends.
Battle up with a group of 49 players or even alone the daily warts or with other players, respectively, and enjoy one of the best online battle games ever. Winners can gain access to new places, like new villages, new missions and special boosts.
A 3D RPG game, involving the player to group up and focus on the basics of martial arts. The more levels you cross, you have to learn better skills for winning the game. But you have to start off the game as a vagabond, and as a single player, till level 25, when you can choose your clan.
A 3D space shooter game, the player has to join one of the three factions to complete the missions in the alien land of Phillon. You can also challenge other players on duals.
A multiplayer 3D game, where you have to build your own world. You can have 3D chat with the other players and can also visit their worlds. You can avail the maximum of the game for free, but a few things also can be bought.
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