UPS Batteries: 5 Ideal Items to Use Them For

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An uninterruptable power supply battery is a wonderful possession, as it helps to protect your many electronics and appliances from power outages, electrical surges, and energy saps. All of these electrical occurrences can be problematic or destructive for your devices, so it important to protect your computers, entertainment consoles, and other electronics from these unfortunate events. When a UPS battery is thought of, many people immediately have computers come to mind; while they are very beneficial to desktop PC’s, they are also able to protect many other electronics and appliances from fluctuations or loss in electricity.


Alarm Clocks: Since we can suffer from a power outage at any time, it is a smart idea to have a UPS battery for your alarm clocks. Even though we may not know we’re suffering from an electrical outage when we are sleeping, it is still no excuse to miss a work or school day. By keeping your alarm clock connected to an uninterruptible power supply, you can avoid missing any important events.

Fish Aquariums: Since fish usually require a clean and heated aquarium, you may consider using a universal power supply battery to keep them running during a power blackout. If your fish do not have aerated water, it can kill them. It will also save you the hassle of having to hand start the pump by adding water to the filtration device should it lose power. Another great benefit is that you will not have to clean your fish aquarium due to the lack of filtration. When a fish aquarium is left standing unfiltered, it can become fairly dirty.

Phones: When the power goes out, we all need a form of communication in case something should happen. For many of us, that communication is a landline- and unfortunately, a cordless phone will not work when the power is out. These batteries can help to ensure that your phone will work during a power outage. One of the biggest causes of power outages or blackouts are severe thunderstorms. Since these storms can become fairly dangerous (especially if they have already caused you to lose power), it is important that you be able to contact someone during an emergency.

Televisions: During this modern age, we are all used to electronics as a form of entertainment. Our televisions are very expensive electronics, and need to be protected. Since a UPS battery keeps our electricity flow under control to different devices, you can help to avoid power surges which may cause damage to your television.

Computers: Since this is the most widely known reason for UPS battery usage, we placed it last in our list. Computers can also suffer serious damage from power spikes, and also power blackouts. Both can take a serious toll on the health of your computer; and can even result in a complete malfunction or crash of the device. Your computer is very valuable, and can become useless very quickly due to electrical spikes or blackouts. It is crucial to keep a UPS battery for every computer that you own.

Author Bio: Richard from Borri the UPS power supply company wrote this article. Richard like writing about the benefits UPS batteries provide in his spare time.

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  1. UPS Maintenance // June 6, 2012 at 7:40 PM  

    Great article, I would not have thought of the fish tank, I will be implementing that soon.
    Just one addition, as most UPS's only have very basic surge protection as an added layer of protection putting a surge protector before the UPS would also be advisable.

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