Top 5 Productivity Apps for iOS

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Applications are amongst the most versatile and beloved functions of a smart phone or tablet. They help keeping in touch with all necessary things, while thousands of other applications are sold in the virtual market for pure joy and entertainment.
By far, the most downloaded apps for both iOS and Android operational systems are the free ones. In 2011’s top for most downloaded and used applications, Angry Birds game managed to obtain the absolute throne with more than 1 million downloads for iOS users alone. The second most downloaded free application from iTune was Facebook, closely followed by one of the world’s most appreciated games, Fruit Ninja.
However, with a plentitude of downloadable apps it is hard to keep track on what are the ones that truly matter on a smart phone or tablet, the ones that help increase productivity. Thus, below you will find a list including the top 5 productivity apps for Apple’s iOS in 2012:
1. Password Pro is one of the most useful apps for Apple products such as iPads or iPhones. For only $14.99 the application promises its user to remember all passwords and store all necessary information regarding accounts and their additional passwords. In addition it also allows you to sync all your accounts with their passwords and log in directly to them.
2. 2Do is one of the most popular, yet still useful and productive app for your iOS technical device. Simple to use, you can download it from iTunes directly onto your iPad at a cost of only $0.99. The 2Do app allows you to create your personal checklist of the things you need to get done by the time the day is over. Scheduling is one of the smartest way to increase time efficiency and optimize your productivity, thus you will need the 2Do app more than you need games or free ringtones.
3. The Blogsy application is intended especially for bloggers. With this iOS productivity app you can write your thoughts directly into your blog format, no matter where you are. The app supports the most commune blog platforms, making it really easy to have access to your previous posts, upload pictures or videos, save drafts for later and many others without the use of a heavy laptop. It will only cost you $4.99.
4. YP Mobile stands for Yellow Pages suitable for mobile devices. With this easy-to-use application you can now browse through thousands of companies and personal names, making it so much easier to find the requested phone number, address or name. Also sold on iTunes, the Yellow Pages mobile app allows you to also search by narrowing categories; search all you want for restaurants, shops or hotels until you find the right one for you.
5. Dropbox is one of those apps that will simply amaze you with what it does. This particular one allows you to share all important things – documents, photos, videos between literally all your tech devices, no matter the used platform. Dropbox is that kind of tool made to ease your life by spending less time trying to transfer important data from one device on another. The best thing is that it is free of charge.
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