Top 4 Android Phones Worth Purchasing

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The Best Android Phones to make your lives tech-savvy

1. The Samsung Nexus S


The Nexus One was the very first Android Phone that was produced by Google and with this being an impressive phone and due to its success; Google has launched the Samsung Nexus S. With a 1 GHz processor, this phone provides a uniquely fast experience with apps. Gingerbread is one of the highlights of this phone and considered to be one of its major selling characteristic along with its 4G connectivity.

2. T-Mobile G2X


The T-Mobile G2X by LG has the same CPU that the Atrix 4G contains however the speed is the major difference with the T-Mobile G2X having lightening speed. This is an all rounder phone and contains everything one could ask for in terms of speed, connectivity, cameras and memory. The one downside of this phone is that it still runs on the Android 2.2 version but apart from this, it is an excellent phone to opt for. I used this mobile when I used Nuance and Eltima Coupon which helped me to make few bucks with affiliate sales.

3. Motorola Atrix 4G


The Motorola Atrix 4G is another phone on the list of best android phones. It is equipped with the Tegra 2 dual core processor which is what makes this phone an extremely fast performer without the possibility of any lag. Despite the load which the MOTOBLUR UI seems to add to Motorola phones, the Atrix 4G remains highly unaffected by this extra load. Along with the 4G connectivity and the dual core processor, this phone has the ultimate speed. The phone also comes equipped with a dock which provides users with the opportunity of turning the phone into a laptop. Though this is a little pricey but if this is something that appeals to you then you should definitely check out the Atrix 4G! The Motorola Atrix 4G can be bought on here

4. The Samsung Galaxy S II


The Samsung Galaxy S II is as fast as the T-Mobile and Motorola Atrix 4 G mentioned in the list above. It contains 4 G connectivity along with a dual core processor. What keeps the phone running in its smooth condition is the AMOLED screen which is also present in the Samsung Nexus S. Even though this phone too has the Android version 2.3, which no longer needs to be a problem, since an upgrade will be coming out soon! So you can easily and assuredly buy this phone however it is considered a bit pricey.


So there you have it, the best android phones available today. All are great in their own way providing excellent speed and connectivity. Android can certainly be said to be taking over the phone market.

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How Is Emailing Getting Easy Through Android?

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Technology is evolving every single day. Now there are multifarious mobile phones and computer applications which are being invented with each passing day. Now you can download various software on your phone, computers and on different devices that you use. Android is one such software developed by Google and is gaining momentum day by day. This is a very important mobile operating system and is based on the application of Linux.


Initially this software was developed by Android. Inc and later on it was generated by the OHA or the Open Handset Alliance. In the present scenario, Android is competing with other mobile platforms like Nokia, Samsung, Apple, Microsoft, Palm and many more. It is an open mobile platform source based on the Linux operating system.

An important consideration

Android has a massive scale of developers that have extended the functionality of the various devices used. Presently there are more than 70000 applications that are available for Android software. Extensive research work has shown that around 100000 applications have been submitted. The research proves this operating system to be the second best mobile development software. Most of the developers write the codes in Java language and control it by the Java libraries developed by Google.

Android- powerful and innovative

Android is a powerful developing email or mobile platform and the world of communication is becoming much easy and comfortable by the usage of its applications.

Important mobile mash ups and applications of Android

Android applications have made the world of internet very popular. Google maps is a very good application which facilitate in incorporating maps, satellite imageries, and many traffic updates using the mechanism of Java script on the web page of your computer. With the help of Android software you can enjoy these on your mobile phones. The android software helps to create further new applications and you can run them on your handset.

Air Droid

This is another useful application of Android. This application helps you in adding files, documents and important media and also helps you connect to your friends by letting you type messages from your desktop. You can easily check the storage capacity and see how much space is left with you so that you can eliminate the unnecessary data.

Drop Snap

Another important Android application is Drop Snap. This technology helps you to transfer photographs in bulk to your email account. You need not search for the data manually and can save videos and still images to your account.

Now with the help of SMTP server you can send emails in bulk and get connected to your near and dear ones very comfortably.

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Features of Siri

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The Apple iPhone 4S smartphone has many state-of-the art features to it but arguably one of the most useful and innovative is the Siri intelligent assistant. This is the feature that enables you to speak to your iPhone 4S and get a response back.
It not only understands natural speech, it asks further questions if it needs more information. What is also really helpful for less tech-savvy folk is that the feature works without any pre-set up needed, straight out of the box. One of Apple’s greatest strengths has always been its ability to really think like a user, rather than as a super-tech developer or engineer. For this reason there is plenty of help available within the phone’s user interface itself via the ‘i’ (for Information) button at the top right hand of the screen. For Siri it brings up examples of what Siri can do and how to phrase requests to make it easier for new users to quickly get the most out of the technology. Siri’s knowledge of the user grows with time as it organically builds up a picture of key contacts and relationships. For example, the first time it is asked to ‘send a message to my brother’ it will respond with ‘Who is your brother?’ and store your response. From then on, it will know how to act on your requests regarding any activity to do with your brother, as long as the information is present in your contacts list.
Over time, Siri will know you very well, which enables it to ‘know’ things like ’sister’s birthday’, ‘wedding anniversary’, ‘send report to boss’ and so on, making it very easy to set up reminders and alarms, send messages and call. All this and it is still just one of the myriad of features on the 4S. Apple mobile phones are constantly evolving, and this one is no exception.


Is Gadget Insurance Worth It?

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The world has changed and now technology seems to be a very important part of life. Everywhere in the world people are seen with the latest inventions in their hands or around them. Take an example of iPod. Apple has earned millions of dollars just from the classical version of iPod and now we all know how many iPods are there. But these are materialistic things and people often lose them either through natural incidents or thanks to the thieves. In such cases the loss can be very deep.


So what can help them is Gadget insurance. There was a time when people never used to believe in gadget insurance but now they do. This is because of the rise in demand of technology and in cases of loss, the regret is unbearable. If your gadget is stolen or broken there is nothing you can do to recover the loss but if you have gadget insurance you can surely get back some part of the recovered loss.

Gadget insurance nowadays is more common for the portable devices like cell phone or iPod. One fall, and your iPod is gone forever. In such cases the insurance can bring you back a lot. Think about the saving you invested in such electronics. You might have taken loans or brought it on credit card. And imagine it going suddenly without even providing you the promised part of entertainment. It can be daunting. So you must have a backup plan to console your loss, insurance can be the best option.

A confusion I would like to clear is that warranty of gadgets and insurance of gadgets is difference. Warranty is only when the device goes wrong in provided time. The time can be small as 30 days. While on the other hand. Insurance helps you back in case of stolen or damaged device. Although insurance adapts different policies and they look for their own profit as well, but the maximum benefit is for you. Some people can recover the loss almost instantly but for others it becomes very difficult.

These policies take time to recover some part of your loss, but it would fund you enough to get it back. There are different policies from which you can choose the one according to your gadgets. There are different names given to these insurances like Cheap term life insurance, compare travel insurance, alternative to regular saving accounts, log book loans, etc.

So, here we know that the insurance for gadget is worth considering.

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Nokia Lumia 900 is one of the most buzzed phones in the phone market. But Nokia seems to take a bit longer before announcing it up and to divert the attention from Nokia Lumia 900, it has recently officially announced the features of Nokia 800c, also dubbed as Nokia Lumia 800c. Nokia Lumia 800c is the degraded d version of Nokia Lumia 800. Nokia Lumia 800 is better than Nokia Lumia 800c. Nokia Lumia 800c is having battery which keeps it alive for 9hours on talktime (2G) while Nokia Lumia 800 has got a battery which keeps it alive for 13hours on talktime (2G). Nokia Lumia 800c is having a 3.7inch screen with 252ppi pixel density, same as Nokia Lumia 800. Both the phones have same data connectivity features, GPRS, EDGE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth v2.1, microUSB v2.0 etc but there is a huge difference between network support. Although both the phones support 2G and 3G networks yet there is a difference in the band supports. Nokia Lumia 800c supports 3G on CDMA network while Nokia Lumia 800 supports 3G on GSM network. Now, let’s discuss big features in detail – 

Operating System

Nokia Lumia 800c and Nokia Lumia 800 both have the same OS i.e. Windows Phone 7.5 Mango OS. Windows claims to supports 25,000+ applications which is quite a big score. On the other hand Android supports well over 4,25,000 applications. 


Nokia Lumia 800c and Nokia Lumia 800c both have a 1.4GHz scorpion processor but there is a difference between the chipset versions. Nokia Lumia 800c is having Qualcomm MSM8655T Snapdragon chipset while Nokia Lumia 800 is having Qualcomm MSM8255 Snapdragon chipset. Both of them even have the same GPU version i.e. Adreno 205. 


Nokia Lumia 800c and Nokia Lumia 800c have the same internal memory size and the RAM size. Both of them have 16GB internal memory with 512MB RAM and both of them don’t have expandable memory slot.

Camera Quality

Nokia Lumia 800c and Nokia Lumia 800c both have the same camera quality with 8MP primary camera of Carl Zeiss Optics and with features like autofocus, dual LED flash etc. Both of them even support video recording of HD quality at the speed of 30fps. 


We aren’t expecting a heavy difference between the prices of these two phones. What we are expecting is that Nokia Lumia 800c would be around Rs.2,000 to Rs.3,000 less than the price of Nokia Lumia 800.
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