Top 5 Android Apps for image editing

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We  use many software’s like Photoshop, Photoscape...Etc to edit our images on Pc, Though if we took a Image on our mobile we used edit on PC thinking that there are no good app for android to edit Images. But that’s not a fact at all there are many advanced image editing tools for Android platform to turn normal images into Master pieces. All you need is little bit of Creativity and i am sure that you won’t feel much difficulty in using apps to edit images

1. PicSay - Photo Editor

Though it comes out with low memory of 0.93 MB, it has all the useful features to edit your images. This application is very easy to edit images. It has many features like Stickers, Special effects and lots of fabulous stuff..! You can also add bubbles to turn images into comics or conversations. Increment and decrement of brightness and contrast can also be done with provided option for your images.

Average Rating : - 4.5
Download it from here : - [link]

2. Photo Editor – Fotolr

This application comes out with the memory of 7.0 MB and this has 22 provided features which are useful in image editing. Its User interface looks awesome, you can even create and edit folder with this application. You can add few Makeovers like lipstick, Wig, Hair Dyeing and face trimming. Pictures, frames and colour splashes can be added to the images instantly. After editing your images you can share the final product with your friends by sharing it one social networking site like facebook, twitter and Tumblr.

Average Rating : - 4.1
Download it from here : - [link]

3. Vignette

This app consists of large number 84 effects that no other app has. It even possesses 54 frame styles to turn your images in an interesting manner. With all those tons of effects you can really create some worth full images. You can snap images with the camera interface provided by the app itself, which allows you to add many effects to image.

Average Rating : - 4.4
Download it from here : - [link]

4. PicsArt - Photo Studio

It’s an All in one photo editor with many number of image editing effects in it. By enhancing your standard camera it will let you to take images by applying effects to it while snapping. You can draw with brushes, callouts on your edits. Among various tools comic, old paper, pastel, red eye remover, smart blur makes this app more unique. You can share you images with your friends easily using this app.

Average Rating : - 4.7
Download it from here : - [link]

5. Magic Hour Free – Camera

You can download unlimited filters for free from Filter market...! This make this app more interesting.It will be provided with 40 filter and those are more than enough to take some beautiful snaps, but if you are not satisfied with them then you can go for free filter market.

Average Rating : - 4.0
Download it from here : - [link]

In this digital world Since People are more fascinated with mobile photography; app like these will really let them turn their snaps in to long lasting memories. That’s all for now buddies Hope you likes the article.  If you feel that any other application is better than the above mentioned apps or for any other suggestions you can comment below.