Top 7 Best Apps for your Kindle Fire

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Since 2012, Amazon Kindle Fire is one of the most sold tablets in category of 7 inch tablet. 8GB Kindle is priced just below $160 and is one of the best value tablets. Kindle Fire is a mini version of Kindle e-book reader which runs on Android. It is easy to access all Kindle’s e-book and Amazon Appstore through it. It has 1GB 4430 dual-core processor with 600X1024 pixel resolution. It even supports a USB port and Wi-Fi. It has a long battery Life of almost 9 hours of reading, surfing and listening to songs. Amazon offers free unlimited cloud storage to save all of your work and not lose them in case it crashes or somebody steals your Kindle.

Kindle allows parents to set screen limits for the kids. This ensures that the kid is not overusing the tab whether it’s for playing or surfing. You can use it to check your office mails, Facebook status, or read your documents when travelling. It allows you to install various apps to help you in corporate world, gaming or reading books.

Here are top 7 Best apps which are must download for Kindle Fire:

BBC iPlayer

This is for BBC channel lovers. You can check out any episode or show that has been aired on BBC in last 7 days. You can stream the show through Wi-Fi and watch it when you are absolutely free. You can check out Weather reports, Sports News or Culture news from round the world on it.


It is a creative app which converts your favorite websites and social networking websites into magazine formats. So you can check the websites just like you are flipping a book. It is applicable for Instagram, Twitter and other such feeds. It will show you the pics and links posted by friends.


Everyone who uses a computer knows the utility of Wikipedia in today’s life. It is an encyclopaedia about everything; a collection of short GK books which has knowledge on about everything topic. This app will almost make whole world surrender in front of your palm on Kindle Fire.


This is a great website to kill your boredom and take into interesting world. IT will randomly show you interesting links on topics chosen by you. You can press the next button if you want to read some other topic. Once you start using StumbleUpon you surely are going to get addicted to it.


This app is for music lovers which lets you download millions of songs from internet and lets you listen to them when offline. You can search for songs through track or artist name. The app is free but requires a monthly subscription to listen to tunes.


This app will pull status and conversations going on Facebook and Twitter based on what’s being shown on live TV. So you can put in your thoughts and review of shows and make friends with similar thinking on the social sites.


This is a must-have app to keep your life organised. It allows you to save pictures, audio clipping, notes or any web clipping on cloud based notebook. You can connect to your data through multiple devices like mobile, tablet or laptop.
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