Easy Parenting Guide for Healthy Child

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Making most of the available resources is what we should do in every field. When it comes to parenting and to help your child to be healthy most of the times you got lots of resources and winner is one who makes use of them accordingly. Well, here I’ll be sharing an easy parenting guide for healthy child and hope you find it worth. The three vital parts here are nutrients (healthy diet), exercise (workout or outdoor games) and maintaining a high immunity level throughout the year.
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Parenting Guide for Healthy Child

The first two things are going to help build up last one and these three depends on each other. Your main task as a parent is to achieve a high level of immunity in your child as it will help him to stay away from diseases and other common infections. To make it possible in reality, you can take help of other two along with healthy supplements like Dabur Chyawanprash. These immunity build up supplements help a human being to gather enough nutrients on daily basis to stay fit and secure from every outside infection.

So now it is pretty clear to you that you need to focus on three vital things. I’ll elaborate each of them down here one by one.

Healthy Diet – Nutrients Intake

We had read a lot of time that a healthy soul lives in a healthy body and we call our body a temple of our soul. So things which can help us to keep our temple healthy and safe from outside infections is none other than concentrating on what nutrients are we including in our diet and off course their volume.

Both nutrients type and their volume matter. If you’re concentrating on building muscles so your protein intake volume should be 1 gram per each pound your total weight. But that’s not the volume you should concentrate on accomplishing in case of a child. Getting half of that will do the trick and keep your child healthy.

Other than proteins, there are carbohydrates, vitamins and lots of other minerals. Its better to consult a doctor to know right amount of every nutrient as per your child age and current health.


If your child isn't a teenager then you need to make him concentrate on doing regular workout (but don’t get overdose of it). In other case, you need to concentrate that your child is spending at least an hour or more daily while playing any outdoor game he/she likes. Doing a sport can help further in not only maintaining health but they will also learn lots of life fundas.


Immunity simply means a power inside a human being which helps him to fight diseases and any other infections which are easy to arrive from outside environment. If immunity level of your child is high or at least good then his/her body can itself fight against common health problems and he/she won’t need any external medical help.

I hope the guide made it clear that on which particular things you need to concentrate from day one in your parenting course. 
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