Freecharge is one of the growing Recharge sites in India. In recent times the people are finding new ways to get free recharges from Online recharge site with a minimal investment. The trend is quite high. In the recent days you may came across Paytm trick and you may have looted Paytm. But now we are going to present you with a trick to get Unlimited Recharge in Freecharge or you can call it as Freecharge Unlimited Free Recharge Trick. The trick is tested and 100% working.

As you can use this trick to get maximum balance in your device. It's not like a loophole or something its the genuine way and with a minimal investment you can recharge your mobile and If you follow this trick then there is no need to recharge your device for an year.  So are you ready to know the Freecharge Unlimited Free Recharge Trick. Then lets jump into the trick first. 

To make sure that everyone understands the trick we are splitting the overall tricks into two parts Part A and Part B and in every part we try to explain each and every step in detail. So lets check  Part A 
of Freecharge Unlimited Free Recharge Trick.  You need to invest a minimal amount and that amount is also quite low.

Part A of Freecharge Unlimited Free Recharge Trick:-

Things you are going to need for this part.
1) New Account every time yeah you read it right new freecharge account and You can Use Gmail login on their homepage so that you can create n number of accounts with n number of Gmail accounts.
2) New Number to recharge for Rs 10. You can use your friends or family members numbers.
3) New CC/Debit Card (VCC).
4) New device . We recommend you to use any Android emulator like Bluestacks,You Wave etc so that you can do the trick right from your PC.

Part B of Freecharge Unlimited Free Recharge Trick:-

In this part we will show you how to do Unlimited Recharge.
1) Get your referral Code from your freecharge a/c.( Log into your Freecharge account on your Android device in which you can find the Referral code)
2) Now Create Virtual CC (At present  all major banks offers vcc's)
3) Create new a/c & recharge for Rs 10 using your referral code (Recharge any random no. if you've used my paytm trick then you would have access to many fake no. use them)
4)  Now you'll have Rs. 20 + Rs. 50 in your new a/c & Rs. 25 as CashBack in your main a/c  So total 95rs. in your a/c
5) Now you would receive 30 Discount on 50 coupon on your email id of this new a/c Using that with above balance would make it 135rs (But this step would be not valid in 50-60% cases)

Practically for Every Rs. 10 you get Rs. 95 recharge.So If you spend Rs. 1K You would get Rs. 9.5K Recharge. This is the Freecharge Unlimited Free Recharge Trick. Hope you liked it do share the guide so it helps your friends. 
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