Breaking stereotypes

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As we all know, India is dominantly a patriarchal nation; a nation that spells the word “boy” before “girl”. No, I am not a female chauvinist nor I am a Aakriti, putting the desires and the requirements of girls in the front. I always believed myself to be a right feminist. And this belief is no easy stuff especially for females in India.

Illiteracy is the very root cause of all the problems. Believing with this phrase, I started my education and took it quite seriously when I was in involved in school. Now while being in school, I often saw some Muslim girls were covered from top to toe, even in those scorching summers; and I was like why and how? I mean seriously bearing those heavy garments in that 48 degrees of Indian heat, is no simple issue. However, as I started learning or rather as I started educating myself, I learnt that beauty does nothing to determine your personality. And this realization made up my mind to being covered from head-to-toe like those other Muslim girls.

No, it is not about religion that I decided to clad myself. No! This decision was completely mine. I knew very well I was beautiful and pretty enough, but seriously I DON’T want to use my beauty to achieve many things in life. I am an educated girl, having completed my Masters in English Literature, so why show off my beauty to get a job or to even get married. Thus started my journey of stepping out of my house, being either covered in a long coat or a simple gown, only leaving the face uncovered.

Now this may sound very easy, but trust me it is NOT. This decision from my part made many believe that I was turning religious. But the real fact is I just want others to judge me as I am, not as I look. When I used to hang out with my friends, I used to get teased with stupid names like “Ninja Turtle”, but do I seriously care? Of course, no. In fact not just some of my friends, but some of my family members also started teasing me, calling me with seriously weird names. But these teases and weird names made me believe in myself more; following which I stuck to my decision.

Even when marriage proposals started pouring in, this issue stood up as if I had committed a heinous crime. But all the more, it made me believe that I am doing no wrong stuff. I just decided to stay covered, in front of the whole world. Stepping outside only with a face out made others believe that I am an uneducated lady. But their beliefs always get shattered once they see my confidence shining within. Today when I speak up in front of public in any forum or when I tell others I am a teacher and a writer, they finally believe judging a book by its cover is always wrong. Obviously just because I don’t wear the trending and the fashionable stuff doesn’t mean I have a hollow personality. People now know for me for my accomplishments in my life and now by my beauty and that made me successful of breaking all the so-called stereotypes that makes a girl slave to the trending fashions. 
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