Life become livelier when you are optimistic

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The world is filled with people who can be broadly categorized into two verticals. One, the half full and the other, the half empty. This difference is essentially based on optimism, without which even surviving can seem quite difficult. Like everyone, even I too had passed such a phase but then i decided to Lookup to be more optimistic.

When it comes to choosing the most suited vertical for me, it would say that I am an optimistic person. But if you would have asked this question to me some four years ago, then I would have failed to claim myself as a positive human being.

I faintly remember the first time when I saw him. It was a nice monday morning and I was feeling all grown up. Who wouldn`t? We had finally entered secondary school. I saw him in the line next to mine, in the morning assembly, holding hands and praying with utmost genuineness.

I don't even remember when this new kid became my best friend. That could be over our common interest in fantasy novels or over our shared love for food. Whatever the reason might have been, we both had become inseparable. During classes we would study together and during the recess, we would play together. We had developed a special kind of bond, something that I failed to explain every time I talk about him.

Days passed, months went by and calendars changed, but our friendship remain unaltered.

I still remember that day, it was a dull Thursday and we were playing basketball in school. I asked him to pass the ball at me but he just couldn't look at me. He left the ball there, and stood there unmoved. Seconds later, he was on the court, lying and coughing hard. I went close to him, to help him get up but he just stayed there and coughed some more. Minutes later, I shouted for help, he was coughing out blood.

A month later, I discovered that he had blood cancer. He was in his third stage of the dreadful disease. I simply couldn't believe it. How could he, out of everyone have it? Why him?

I spent nights crying and days praying for his well being. I saw him getting weaker every day. I saw his mom and dad visiting every temple, every hospital, leaving no stone unturned.

The doctors had said it, that his days are countable. We all were shattered, broken and deeply sickened by the way of life. When all of us had lost hope, there was one person who had always kept smiling. And it was him, Shaurya.

Lying on the hospital bed for months, getting several chemo sessions done and taking numerable number of syringes, this guy`s faith didn`t alter. He believed in God before and he believed in God then as well.

It`s been close to year now, that he`s cancer-free or let's just put it in his words, “Cancer is now Shaurya free.” He never dreaded cancer, he never dreaded any evil force because he believed in God and more than anything, he believed in himself, his capabilities.

My best friend taught me how to live life, even when he was about to lose it. And it was then when I realized that no matter what a situation is, it is very important to have faith in oneself than getting succumbed to the life’s unexpected situations.
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