A very important person in my life, whom I consider, as the role model of my life, is my life-giver, my first fan, my best critic and of course my best friend, my mother. She has been my teacher, role model, friend and an awesome counselor throughout my lifetime. She is a source of motivation for me and also told me what true love really means.

My mother had made a lot of compromises for my good upbringing. She always teaches me the benefits of an excellent education. She was never having a lot of money to spend on me yet she had never made me realize that we are having a shortage of money.  She had always given me everything which is required for a good upbringing and lifestyle. Being very honest, my mother always managed everything in the best manner she can.

One of the most crucial roles that my mom plays in my life is that she is a great teacher along with being a very good counselor. My mother is the person I can head to for a valuable yet safe lesson. She is also the one person whom I feel close enough to share with some of my biggest joys along with pains. My relationship with my mother is one that I really needed in my life.

In a planet where parents sometimes can make you mad, I know that I could never be where I'm today without the sacrifices and motivation of my mom. I constantly respect the influence that my mother had on my well being. She is also very fun loving and childish sometimes. She use to play games with me, she told me how to cook, how to put make-up, how to look stylish and everything which was required to get a pleasing personality.

My family struggled and experienced many rough stages, but my mother had always been there to guide all of us. No matter just what the circumstance can be, she was constantly there supporting my father. She had also helped my father when his business was not doing well. Without my angel mother, I don’t know where I would have been right now. I had gone through a very tough stage in my life, I was being cyber bullied and making wrong decisions about the friends I use to hang out with, instead of focusing enough on my school. That was the moment when my mom said as long as we learn through our mistakes, we can’t become a better person. I would have made many wrong decisions in my life, if I would not be told the difference between wrong and right. This all is just because of my mother, her teachings and her support that I am here with complete confidence. I had given her the title of superwoman, because she is exactly that for me. She does everything by herself and is so much perfect in all her tasks. I wish I could also become a successful mother as my mother is. I thank God every day that he had given me such a wonderful family and most importantly He had given me the most beautiful gift of my life, my mother.
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