Simple things to make yourself Happy

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We always say home sweet home. This is a place where we can do anything with liberty according to our own lifestyle. Also being a part of your home affects us by all means of our life despite various types of moods thinking and routines. Some even develop anxiety by being too much alone or can have an impact on their mood by being at home. It’s actually everything under our control and hence we can optimize yourself to the surrounding of our home.

So let me tell you some very basic and simple thing that can help you achieve happiness by just changing your daily habits in life.

The first and simplest task is keeping your room tidy making your bed and keeping things in order. That will keep your mind clean and happy. Neatness brings calmness in mind. You can start this by making your bed and arranging the books that are major things of your house.

Another is being at your home and call up your friends or distant family members when you are bored at home. This technology thing will keep you connected and make you happy. But yes you should call them through voice or Cam. Texting and Emailing won’t work at all as it will simply look plain and will count nothing on your emotions.

Spending money that could benefit you or make you happy is another good thing. Make up some budget and buy anything that will make you happy for the time being or buy someone for one of the member of your family. You can even buy some good food or movie that could arrange a meeting with your family members and can cause group discussion that will make you happy at very good level.

Also you should do some small favours for housemates for free. That could count on your family member or even the housemaid or any other worker working. You can lift some help to them which will not only make happy to you but also make things easier for them. You can help with your siblings homework if you are free or help them sort out things or best is to motivate them when you see them in grieve and sadness. But yes a point to be noted is that you should not expect something in return from them yes that will bring happiness. When you do something good you feel good.

Before off to sleep there also another suggestion that you can do is set up some tasks that you have to do to keep yourself involved from the very first starting of the day thereby causing no anxiety and bringing happiness for the rest of the day and relaxation. 
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