Airtel 4G- What all is it capable of doing?

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Over the last few weeks, we have seen advertisements of Airtel 4G doing the rounds all over the internet as well as our television sets. In the advertisement, it is shown that with the help of Airtel’s 4G network, we can browse the internet, stream videos, upload photo albums as well as download full- fledged movies in just a few minutes. With the promise of delivering such an unbelievably fast and reliable network to all its customers, Airtel is surely securing a spot ahead of all its competitors in the mobile operator industry.

So exactly what kind of speed can I expect from my Airtel 4G network?

Airtel’s 4G network is going to be the fastest wireless internet connection available across India and with the increase in the number of people who will be using Internet via Airtel 4G network simultaneously, there are sure- shot chances that the quality of speed can get affected to some extent, but looking at the quality of service being provided by the world’s third- largest mobile operator Airtel over all these years, we can surely believe that it will not deter the 4G experience to a large extent.

What all am I capable of doing using Airtel 4G network?

Airtel’s 4G network can be used in full force across both your workplace as well as on your home networks and below are some of the few operations which you can perform with such a fast internet connection available on your smart phone device:
1.       One of the most common reasons why we need internet connection on our mobile phones is to be able to access the internet while we are on the go. Airtel’s 4G network will provide you with unlimited internet access anywhere and everywhere that too with amazing high speed.
2.       With higher uplink as well as downlink speed provided along with the Airtel 4G network, we can upload as well as download files at a very fast speed. Just imagine how convenient it will be to upload large photo albums on facebook in just a few seconds!
3.       Now you can also enjoy high definition online gaming with the help of Airtel 4G network connection. Irrespective of the file size, the game will load on your mobile device in just a few seconds.
4.       Airtel’s 4G network will make it easy for you to access rich content present on the internet, such as high definition videos, movies, e- learning material, high definition information content and much more would be available to access anytime and anywhere.
5.       You will also be able to carry out multiple downloads of heavy files as well as HD multimedia content from the internet at the same time at a very fast speed.
6.       Stream online high definition videos with zero buffering required.
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