My Planned Ideal Yatra!

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Anyone who loves biking has at least once in his/her life planned a road trip to Ladakh. And some of them go for it. Being a bike enthusiast myself, I have planned Ladakh this summer. Ladakh Road Trip attracts thousands of bikers every year from all across the globe. It’s not just the beauty of the cold desert that gets so many visitors; it’s also the rough terrain that it has to offer. Ladakh is accessible from two ways; one is from Rohtang, and the other one is via Jammu. I have planned to go via Jammu & you can reach Jammu by taking any Domestic Airlines. Since it’s accessible almost all the summer and the roads are in a bit better condition.  I’ll be riding solo from Jammu on a two-stroke bike that is 22 years old (Yamaha RX100). The bike is older than me!

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Staying Out
Going by planned itinerary, the trip will end in a week. I won’t be staying at one place for longer than a day as I have a lot to cover in one week. I have bought tents, sleeping bags, and everything else needed to put out in the wild. In case I need the walled accommodation, I’ll prefer to stay at local’s house than staying at an online listed hotel.

The Budget
This is perhaps the most crucial part of the planned Ladakh trip. This being my first over a week bike trip and that too solo, I don’t have any idea about how much cash I’ll need. I have got most of the gear I’ll be needing for this trip, and so all that I need now is for food, accommodation(if needed) and of course the petrol. Petrol is going to cost a big chunk of money. I haven’t planned it out yet totally, but the total cost of food and petrol is going to be around Rs.13,000.

Things I’ll Need
There’s this big list of things that I’ll need for this trip, so I won’t be able to give out the complete list. I have already got a tent for two, a sleeping bag, and I am planning to buy a trekking bag, biking boots, biking protection gear, spare parts for bikes, some important medicines and a first aid box. Other things in the list include instant energy bars, Nestle Maggi packets, clothes – of all variety (woolen to cotton), riding googles, foot pump, puncture kit, etc. There’s this endless list of things that I’ll need, but I guess I have covered the most basic items that I or anybody else would need.

The Bike
Now coming to the bike, I’ll be riding solo on YamahaRX100. It’s a four-speed two stroke air cooled single cylinder bike that can give the power of 11BHP in stock condition. The bike is 21 years old, and I am 19, and we are planning to go hand in hand. This can be a journey of a lifetime. This RX100 is the first bike I ever rode, and this bike has always been in a lot of old family photographs. There are a lot of emotions connected to this bike.

Why Not the Bullet?
Well, that’s a very legitimate question. I also have Royal Enfield Classic 500 in Chrome color, and I could have chosen that too. Why didn’t I? Well, half of it has already been answered. Another reason for not choosing the Bullet could be, I have seen a lot of people doing it on a heavy motorcycle. The real challenge would be doing it on a 100cc, very old bike that still speaks to you.

This is my planned ideal yatra, let’s see what happens next. Waiting eagerly for the summers!

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